Pool Alarm

If you have a pool, and you live in Florida, Texas, Arizona or any other state that requires a pool alarm, you're probably looking for a particular alarm that will pass inspection. This would be an alarm that is Underwriters Laboratory approved -- specifically UL2017. What you want is the Techko "Safe Pool" alarm.

Here's how it works:

Except for the battery, this pool alarm comes with everything you need. Most people prefer to use the included double-sided tape, but if you'd rather use screws they're included too. You simply stick the alarm up next to the window, door or gate you want to protect, then stick up the included magnetic sensor. Pop in a battery, and you're done! Now any time the door, window or gate is opened, the ultra-loud 110 db alarm will sound.

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Here's where this alarm differs from the ones that are NOT approved: Many pool safety alarms have an on/off switch, which means you might forget to turn on the alarm. When it comes to protecting children around a swimming pool, this simply isn't good enough (which is why those alarms will not pass inspection). The Tecko S087, however, is ALWAYS ON. It has a by-pass button which, when pushed, will deactivate the alarm for 7 seconds only. It then turns itself back on Ė and if the door, window or gate has not been closed, the alarm will automatically sound. This is why cities and states across the nation approve this particular pool alarm. When it comes to child safety, you canít be too careful.

  • Cannot Be Turned Off -- "Always On" alarm protection
  • High-Output 110 dB Alarm Siren
  • Weather and Water Resistant Construction
  • Includes Mounting Hardware for Both Wood or Metal Door and Gates
  • 9 Volt Battery Operation (Not Included)
  • Complies with UL 2017

The best part is you can get a cheap pool alarm without giving up any of the quality or safety. No need to pay the ridiculously high prices some places are charging when you can get the exact same item for less.

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